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About Us

Welcome to Melchior food and beverage GmbH

Melchior food and beverage GmbH Is an Agricultural Producing , product sourcing and distribution agent for many desired products around the world.

We are dedicated to restoring stronger ties with existing markets and further building our market network globally. We ensure to take care of complete accuracy in every transaction step-by-step from order to delivery, ensuring quality is unaltered. We welcome you to work with us, and promise the best like every and all of our previous clients. .

What we do best
We grow a lot of our plants here on site, by doing this we can offer an excellent and varied choice at great value. All of our plants are grown outside and are fully acclimatised to our unpredictable and sometimes harsh Irish climate growing this way ensures they are fully hardy and garden ready.

The future
Our products change throughout the year and as we develop our business a wider variety of new products will become available.

And finally
Keep in touch with us by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. We also have a newsletter which you can subscribe to informing you of special offers, hints and tips and what’s looking good in the nursery.
Feel free to contact us via email, telephone or social media regarding any enquiries.

We welcome you to work with us, and promise the best like very and all of our previous clients