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Beet sugar


Beet sugar, a cultivated plant of Beta vulgaris, is a plant whose tuber contains a high concentration of sucrose. It is grown commercially for sugar production. Sugar beet is a conical, white, fleshy root with a flat crown.

Brown Sugar


Raw sugar is a brown sugar produced from the first crystallization of the sugar cane. Raw sugar is coarser than white sugar, and is brownish in color. Based upon weight, unrefined brown sugar from sugar cane, when fully refined, yields about 70% white sugar. There is more molasses in natural brown sugar, giving it a higher mineral content.

Sugar Cane


Sugarcane is the world’s largest crop and is cultivated on about 23.8 million hectares, in more than 90 countries, with a worldwide harvest of 1.69 billion tonnes. Brazil was the largest producer of sugar cane in the world.